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Dr. Henderson was exposed to the dental profession early in life due to his proclivity for sweets! By the age of seven he had 13 cavities and going to the dentist became second nature. He also broke his jaw in a bicycle accident at age 10, but fortunately he had ...more

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The staff at Winnemucca Dental Care … CARES!
With over 14 years of experience in Winnemucca, the staff at Winnemucca Dental Care look forward to helping you to keep the best smile you can have! ...more

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Patients of Winnemucca Dental Care come from several states to receive the high-quality care they have grown to love from Dr. Henderson and his expert staff. Read their testimonials, and watch the video of their stories! ...more

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"I am terrified of needles and injections, and I made that known to Dr. Henderson on my first visit, and he has never hurt me. ~Richard Rollison"

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